Day Is Done

Peter Yarrow follows the blockbuster success of Puff, the Magic Dragon with a picture book version of his beautiful song, “Day Is Done.”

As night falls, animal and human parents everywhere tenderly tuck their children into bed. In the darkness, each child—raccoon, doe, rabbit, field mouse, and a little boy—wonders: Will I be safe? Will you be there for me? And every mommy and daddy responds with the comforting words of Yarrow’s refrain: “I am here.”

Caldecott Honor-winning artist Melissa Sweet has created gorgeous images that celebrate the loving bond between parent and child, as well as the connection between all creatures of the earth.


  • “Watercolor and mixed-media art reveals members of each animal family tenderly gazing into each others’ eyes in placid woodland settings shown in cool earth tones punctuated by shocks of brilliant color: scarlet berries, magenta lily pads, crimson toadstools.”
    —Publishers Weekly

    “Charming watercolor and mixed-media illustrations depict animal parents comforting their children, and the last scene shows a father lovingly tucking his son into bed.”
    —School Library Journal

    “…Sweet's watercolor-and-mixed-media world is in bloom with playful, child-friendly flowers, and the animals mostly sport smiles.”
    —Kirkus Reviews